Ophelia Handberry

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Contemporary Eclectic Music
Light Jazz, Latin Jazz, Fusion,
with New Age Undertones.

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OPHELIA Handberry

Pianist, Composer and Vocalist.
Instrumentals with some Vocals.


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"What a marvelous musician and composer.
The jazz and classical influences combined
with earthy undertones are stirring..."
-Music Choice, West Orange, NJ.

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('Hey There!' Mp3 clip from the Native Ground CD.)

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Genre: Jazz, Latin-Jazz with a New Age undertone.
Similar to: McCoy Tyner, George Benson, Prince, Dave Brubeck and Keiko Matsui.

2006 Highlights:
The HOT Jazz Stage in Texas
The Light Jazz- Latin Jazz Main Stage in Virginia.
Jazz Fusion in Delaware
Main Stage in Long Island, NY.

This Graceful dancing pianist plays her heart out, while her performances take you into another world. Ophelia is respected for her integrity, authenticity and remaining true to herself. Her beautiful flare and radiance are contagious and her "headliner" shows leave you wanting more!

-Ophelia, a native of California,
was raised in Connecticut where she studied classical piano, often adding her own improvisations to her teachers surprise. She is a Self-Taught Composer and the Executive Producer of her all of her recordings, tours and concerts productions.

Although quiet and shy, at the very young age of three, Ophelia was playing chords up and down the piano and she gave her first recital when she was five. While still young, she taught herself the drums and flute, however continued to return to her roots: the piano and her voice, which are her main instruments to this day.

This multitalented musician has always had a gifted ear for music which was very apparent at the age of eight, at which time she had already started to develop her own style and composed her first full length piece entitled,"Aye Yo Cha Gae Yo". Years later she re-recorded it for her Native Ground CD and it has been featured as a Native Fusion piece on Native-American radio stations.

In 1996 Ophelia launched her own independent record label, Ohklectic Records, a family business, and released her debut CD, April Storm, to share her joy and gift of music with a variety of people.

Ophelia's influences are numerous, ranging from classical masters such as Rachmaninoff, Chopin and Mendelhsohn to Jazz genius' Art Tatum, Ahmad Jamal, Ramsey Lewis and Erroll Garner. She grew up in a musical family where her parents nurtured her abilities.
Known for her outstanding keyboard artistry interwoven melodies, rich bass lines, unique percussive touches and dreamy vocals, Ophelia's innovation marks her as a rare, passionate artist, well before her time.

She has introduced and merged a broad, diverse audience through her eclectic music. Listening to her distinct sound you embrace styles ranging from Jazz, New Age, Classical, Native fusion, African, Latin, and Jigs. Her very identifiable, "Contemporary Eclectic Sounds" or what her Fans call, "Ophelia Music", have been featured on National Public Radio- National PBS programs, and numerous national and syndicated radio stations. All of her recordings are individual Projects, based on very specific themes that define her eclectic style. They have become timeless pieces.

So far Ophelia has produced five titles to her name: April Storm, AEAAF, Native Ground.. Stand My Ground, Echoes... Under The Sun and the Rhythmic Jubilee CD. All authenticate Ophelia's eclectic ability. Her music has garnered her successful career which continues to grow by word of mouth.

Ophelia has successfully managed tours across the country as well as internationally. She is experienced in performing at festivals and events with attendance as small as 50 or large as 150,000+. Incredibly, she averaged four to six shows a weekend as a solo artist! She was also the featured performer for three years with African American Women on Tour, with renowned artists such as Terry McFadden, Debbie Allen and Lorraine Toussaint. She also gives Benefit Concerts for organizations to assist homeless, abused children and others in need.

"What I love is when I look out into the audience and see a child jumping up and down, dancing and at the same time I see someone who could very well be my grandparent who is smiling, tapping and clapping along to the beat. I am absolutely overjoyed to be sharing this gift of music. What a wonderful feeling to touch different generations and also to touch a cross culture of people. Creating these experiences aren't something you can copy or fake and I am extremely grateful and even more so motivated to do my best and be my best!" -Ophelia

Amazingly, Ophelia is also an incredible professional business woman. As executive producer she gives great detail to all aspects of concert production from the musical scores of each musician, to the concert programs, arraiment of lighting and cues as well as the performance outfits & more. She works with a great staff and keeps the atmosphere real, genuine, and memorable, so as to focus entirely on the music. Her audience's consistently give standing ovations in response to Ophelia's keyboard artistry.

Ophelia has been Recipient of The ASCAP Special Popular Music Awards every year since 1999! She has also been the Recipient of The State of Connecticut's Young Careerist Award.

Ophelia is a warm, modest and spiritually directed woman, as is reflected in her music. In all that she does, she believes in a positive attitude, an open mind, hard work and persistence.

For more information:
Contact: Natasha Rose
Phone: 203-748-5131

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