Ophelia Handberry

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Contemporary Eclectic Music
Light Jazz, Latin Jazz, Fusion,
with New Age Undertones.

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OPHELIA Handberry

Pianist, Composer and Vocalist.
Instrumentals with some Vocals.

Basic Requirements

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"Ms. Handberry released some abundant energy that powers her creativity..
Her body kept time with the lively melody while her piston-like fingers raced
across the keyboard.
-The Bethel Home News

Basic Requirements:
A professional acoustic concert grand / baby grand piano or
a professional digital piano. (please note, in some cases, Ophelia does tour with her digital piano)

A concert rider including fees, a stage plot and further information available upon request or at booking.
Please call us at 203-748-5131 or E-mail us with your inquiry.

For more information:

Contact: Natasha Rose
Phone: 203-748-5131

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